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Hi, I’m Colin O’Brien, and I started High Fidelity to to make it easier for businesses to create great content on the web. I work with you to solve your specific business problems and then provide a custom solution that meets your needs. I am a developer, digital product designer, and project manager with over 15 years of experience who can help bring your project to life. Review our scope of services below and then get in touch to see how me and my team of trusted experts can help!

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In general, High Fidelity provides services to get your content published on the web. The focus is both front-end user experience and content creator user experience. All of our work is mobile-first, responsive, and focused on performance, security and best practices.

  • Full-stack WordPress development
  • CMS themeing and content modeling
  • JAMstack (React) development
  • Web3 and NFT consulting
  • Digital style guide design & development
  • Performance, security, and SEO auditing
  • User interface design & prototyping
  • Front-end development consulting
  • Digital design systems
  • Website support and maintenance
  • High-performance boutique website hosting

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Big or small, or anything in between, High Fidelity wants to help you with strategy, development and design and become your trusted product partner.

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+1 (970) 404-0988